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Summer Interpretation Courses in Prague

Every year in June and July young musicians from United Arab Emirates come for two weeks to Prague to study their repertorie intensively with PMCP pedagogues. They have individual as well as music theory lessons every day and have enough space and time for own practicing. During the off-program they enjoy Prague, one of the most beautiful and exciting European cities.


In 2016 the courses will take place in following days (minimal number of participants is 9):


27 June – 8 July (26 June arrival day, 9 July departure day)


For more information, detailed programme, pedagogues etc. contact operation manager Iva Raková and see this flyer.

GCC Competition and Masterclasses in Dubai

Every year in January the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries competition for young virtuosos is hosted and organized in Dubai by National Conservatory / Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra and its director Mr. Riad Kudsi.

This competition is open to all types of musical instruments including Western, Arabic and other folk instruments and voice. The age limit of participants is 18 years, they compete in several levels according to their age and skills. The competition has two rounds.

Jury members are pedagogues of PMCP and local and international musicians and professors.


Press release


Winners of 2016 GCC Competition:


1st prize - Sophie Sukendro

2nd prize - Sarah Turner

3rd prize - Freddie Welch

1st honorary mention - Kai Tanadol Sung

2nd honorary mention - Nayla Ahmad

3rd honorary mention - Fatima Al Raqbani



1st prize - Yuri Goto

2nd prize - Salma Amalia Schild

3rd prize - Dogukan Demirel

1st honorary mention - Samuel Sukendro

2nd honorary mention - Azalia Arman 

3rd honorary mention - Akeesha Rodriguez



2nd prize - Maria Guiracossian





1st prize - Eljin Yoo





Eljin Yoo and Xialoin Zhang



For detailed information contact Mr. Riad Kudsi:

Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra,

National Conservatory Dubai,

6th floor, Thomsen Reuters Building 

Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971-506-335-270












1st prize - Majd Aburas

2nd prize - Jolina Hamdan

3rd prize - Sherief El Shentenawi

1st honorary mention - Ian Fernandez





1st prize - Xiaolin Zhang

2nd prize - Tan Caner

3rd prize - Gabriel Hajjar

1st honorary mention - Umayma Al Shunnar

2nd honorary mention - Eujean Cha

3rd honorary mention - Mira Ghobash



1st prize - Leyth Elmani

2nd prize - Dylan Ahn

honorary mention - Hisham Maarraoui



1st honorary mention - Saba Vaziri

2nd honorary mention - Jude Soussan

3rd honorary mention - Katya Eid












International Music Study Exam (IMSE)


International Music Study Exam (IMSE) is a project developed by Premier Music College of Prague, National Conservatory Dubai and Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra. It is intended for students who like music, work conscientiously and find enjoyment and satisfaction in completing the assigned tasks. It represents an opportunity for students who want to succeed amongst strong competition and continue their studies at conservatories and universities worldwide.




IMSE consists of 12 levels. Each level includes two stages. Each stage lasts approximately one semester and includes prescribed musical instrument and music theory curricula. At the end of each semester (in January and in June) the students will be examined in these curricula by a professional pedagogical jury and gain the appropriate number of points. After completing the exam, the student receives a certificate in which the professional committee attests that the student’s playing level corresponds to the same level of performance at the best music schools worldwide. 

The certificate entitles the student to automatically continue the studies at PMCP in the following year. The musical virtuosity and technical skills of a successful graduate of level 12 entitles the graduate to apply for entrance exams to universities of his/her choice worldwide (e.g. in Prague).  

None of these steps may be omitted; only in exceptional cases, extremely-talented students may be examined in multiple stages at a time. 


The levels are divided into:

  • preparatory level

  • basic studies (leve 1-6)

  • intermediate studies (level 7-9)

  • advanced studies (level 10-12


The exam consists of:

Instrumental performance (120 points altogether, each part is 20 points)

  • scales 

  • etudes (technical exercises)

  • piece

  • sonata or sonatina

  • orchestral parts 


Music theory exam (100 points altogether)

  • theory (40 points)

  • acoustic analysis (20 points)

  • musical dictation - melodic, rhythmic (20 points) 

  • solfege (20 points)


PMCP exams are intended for students who like music, work conscientiously and find enjoyment and satisfaction in completing the assigned tasks. It represents an opportunity for students who want to succeed amongst strong competition and continue their studies at conservatories and universities worldwide.The basic impulse for this music project was the long-term cooperation between PMCP and the National Conservatory - Dubai. PMCP teachers appreciate the work results of the National Conservatory - Dubai and would like to combine their efforts to create the best conditions for developing Arab students! talent. The cooperation is based on experience with the Central European study system. A balanced selection of technical and recital exercises and compositions makes playing a musical instrument accessible and inspiring for students. The system of studies which consist of independent work, master courses, exams and a contest creates school rules that make the students and teachers feel a sense of belonging and friendly cooperation in an inspiring competitive environment.





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